Monday, November 13, 2023


Jackson Heights Queens, the most diverse zip code in America and perhaps the most diverse area in the world (They say people from 190 different countries live there). Focusing on the Himalayan immigrants in the town this is a great look at an NYC neighborhood and some of the people who live there.

If you are a fan of Frederick Wiseman this film is for you. An observational film of the best kind,  this is film that picks you up out of your seat and drops you into the place it is about.  It’s a wonderful film about the life of the immigrant community and how they hold on to some traditions and adopt others. It’s a much too short slice of life that’s like hanging out with the people it highlights.

Watching the film I was struck by how much the film feels like being in Jackson Heights. That may not sound like much, but having seen so many films filmed in places I know and having them feel wrong, it’s nice to see one feel right.

This is a small gem of the festival and recommended.

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