Friday, November 10, 2023

The Trials Of Alan Dershowitz (2023) DOC NYC 2023

The film opens with a statement by Alan Dershowitz to the effect he's worried about how the world will see him when he's gone so he's going to tell my story so I can set the record straight. This will delight his friends who love him and it will piss off anyone who hates him. He won't care since his attitude is if your opinion changed you never knew me (or in other words "I've always been this awful you never noticed it")

Seriously this is film that is probably not going to win him any new friends. Certainly it is a fitting record of Dershowitz's achievements. We are reminded about all of the good things he did, even as we see the "questionable" cases he took. As someone who has wanted to punch him square in the face since he took on a certain ex-president, seeing the film reminded me of when I used to like him.

Personal feelings aside the truth of the matter is how you react to the film will depend on what you think of Dershowitz going in. I say that because this is hagegographic love fest for the man. If you don't like him now, you won't like him when this ends. I say this because he comes across as a self centered egotistical who is positive his shit don't stink.

My reaction was I admired his achievements but  I still wanted to kick him in the nuts for being such a nob.

That probably isn't the way one should review the film but I'm guessing Dershowitz would find it funny and put it on the poster.

Recommended for a very select audience.


  1. where else can I view this movie ? stephanie

    1. I don't know the plan. It just World Premiered. I've been told it's going to play more festivals before getting a regular release