Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blood Beast Terror (1968)

This Halloween I'm going to turn to one of the master's of British Horror for one of the worst horror films ever made.

Is this the worst film Peter Cushing ever made? He seemed to think so. Of course anything is possible, but I'd have to see the rest of what he's made to see what beats BLOOD BEAST TERROR a not so nifty movie about a giant killer moth.

Yes, a giant killer moth. I can't make this stuff up...I wish I could but I wasn't old enough to be taking the drugs required to make this in 1967.

I picked this up as a USED DVD, I stress USED, or barely used, since I don't know if anyone watched this more than once. Its almost so dull that hospitals could use it instead of gas. Its not entirely bad, but it is dull...

The main problem, and there are many others, is that the makeup is laughable. To say this is a dumb monster is rating it too highly. Think the original Wasp Woman, only worse. Its bad. I was wondering why this wasn't better known until I saw the monster and knew, that was the reason the movie is in the forgotten pile.

Even if the monster was decent there is the problem of the film plodding along at an okay rate for about two thirds of it and then getting stupider stupider as things happen to reach the end that the alleged screenwriter wanted not because they would. Things happen at the start of a scene and then shift in mid-scene, for example the villain is performing a complicated experiment at one point and is interrupted by a knock...Peter Cushing arrives and hero and villain simply go off with all this equipment running as if nothing was being done...

Continuity? Clearly they had no concept of it.

It goes on like that again and again.

Its horrible.

What makes it really bad is that you can see that the actors are trying, the film, except for the monster, looks good, and their is a aire of something that might have been. Unfortunately the good gets lost in the ineptness of the plot, a shit monster and a pace that is slower than the motion of continents.

It's a mess, a real mess.

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