Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roger Waters-The Wall (or DB goes slightly off topic)

Okay, technically this isn't a movie but a rock concert, but since the show uses tons of film projections, including the classic animations that were used in the 1980 concerts and the Alan Parker film, I can get away with mentioning the show. Actually most of the show has some form of film background making the show a sort of silent film with a live rock band score.

What I wanted to say was if you ever wanted to see the classic Pink Floyd album presented live and if you can afford the very pricey tickets (even the cheap seats are a chunk of change with Ticketmaster fees) go see the show. Its amazing. Words fail me.

All I can say is go.

If you love the music, odds are you'll love the show...and you'll never get another chance to see the animated Trial on a screen this HUGE (who needs IMAX?)

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