Thursday, October 28, 2010

Star Quest: The Odyssey (2009)

Really bad, almost home movie like, Star Trek rip off that gives no budget films a bad name.

I've seen several no budget science fiction films over the years and while this one looks reasonably good, its poor in just about every other department. The cast is weak, the story needlessly silly. The action poorly done.

Why was I watching this? I'm had pressed to know. The worst part is the film is a kind of Star Trek rip off. It begins with opening titles in a Star Trek-esque font, continues on through the five minute history lesson that takes us from the dawn of the space age through to the films present and on to a space ship where the uniforms look like they were made by arthritic tailors.

To be honest I really can't say much about the plot because after about 20 minutes I turned my brain off and started to putter around the room waiting for something exciting to happen.

It never does.

Don't make my mistake. This is not even amusing in a good bad sort of way.

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