Saturday, October 9, 2010

New York Comicon and Anime Festival Day 2 -A heads up on Imaginism Studios

The story of today was the crowds.

They were HUGE.

It was at times unpleasant. Mostly because there were a few nudniks who did things like stopped in the middle of the aisles to text or take a call or something they could have done from the side of the aisle. I mean there was one parent who had his stroller across the aisle causing a bottle neck and didn't care cause it was the easiest thing for him.

The crowds were so exhausting that I blew off the last film I had at the NYFF and just went home.

Made it to the Sushi Typhoon panel. Actually it was Marc from Subway Cinema and the New York Asian Film Festival talking about the up coming films at Sushi Typhoon. He showed lots of trailers and primed us for the next year or so of releases. I'm hoping my friend Dave- who made the whole panel- will post something detailed since I'm hoping to be able to link to it. He retained more of the details than I did so he'd be the better one to talk about them.

Ken and I have set up one definite interview for the near future. It's with artist David Mack who has graciously agreed to let Ken talk to him about the documentary and interview DVD that has come out about him.

If I can get the fan boy gush out of my system the people at Imaginism Studios have agreed to let me talk to them. Truth be told you should forget my chatter about an interview and just go look at their website and the images contained there in. They did work for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and it's easy to see why they were chosen. As good as their Alice stuff is their own work is wondrous and almost miraculous in the way that the best art is. Think Pixarish and Disney like but truly and marvelously their own. Trust me they are their own creatures in the best way possible.

They rock my world and I really want to buy more than their book and the two prints I have already. These people are going to be HUGE I mean HUGE and you really will want to become acquainted with their stuff now and start buying it before the world discovers them and the prices increase. Actually we need to get them a movie deal of their own so they can take their wonderful creations and make them live and breath of the the big screen.

I love these people.

And trust me you will too.

Frankly I want to see the little girl and the Dragon pictures made into a movie and I want to know more about the cute fairies...

Anyway you need you go to their site now and look around.

I think that's it for now. I know I'm forgetting something, I know there is a Geof Darrow being wickedly funny story needs to be told, but I'm too tired.

(Actually I'm not that tired I want to go look at the pictures at Imaginism)

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