Tuesday, October 19, 2010

El Zorro de Jalisco (1941)

I picked this up in the dollar bin because it had Zorro on the title. I have no idea what the English title is since I don't speak Spanish, however I do know this is a good little film.

The plot of the film seems to be a man and a woman meeting on a train as they both head to the same destination. She is a beauty, while he is a good looking but studious looking fellow. Getting ride from the train station they come upon some bad guys chasing a man on horse back. The man is killed and the baddies ride off. It transpires that the man who was shot is the father of the girl and that the bad guys have taken over her land and are running rough shod over the area. Everyone ends up in the hotel in town. When out heroine asks our hero for help he refuses, however it isn't long before he dons a full head mask and rides to the rescue as a later day Zorro.

Not quite action packed but completely entertaining this movie was a great deal of fun. You didn't need words to know what was being said, you only needed to watch what was going on. This is a great example of the power of movies to over come language barriers.

One of the things I liked was that the good guy was someone not to be messed with. There is an early scene when he tries to get the bad guys to leave so they shoot at his feet; he never moves, which tells you just how strong a guy he is. He's a bad dude, no one realizes it.

The action, when it comes, is really good, and a late in the film fight between the real Zorro and a fake Zorro is one of the natiest fights I've seen. I suspect that the two guys really went at it with real furniture because as you watch the blows land they have real effect. The fight also slows down as the two men are seen to be exhausted. Its amazing.

This is a solid little action film that is worth keeping an eye out for when you get to the dollar store.

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