Friday, October 8, 2010

New York Comicon and Anime Festival Day 1

Ken and I have been at New York Comicon.

Ken appears to be the only one of the Unseen Films Crew who is in one piece. I'm hobbling about because of my back, Randi and Bully have their issues as do some of the people I'm trying to rope into covering some of the panels for the blog. What this means is we're a bit behind in what we wanted to do in covering the convention.

For what it's worth the convention this year is huge. They have taken over all of the Jacob Javitts Convention Center and Ken and I have not managed to get very far through the convention. We made no panels, traveled through only part of the sales floor and wandered the Artists Alley. We've seen the Fox display which had Avatar and RoboCop wandering about, and had some hibernation chambers where visitors can experience the terror of Alien.

However for better or worse we have been working on new material for the blog. Ken and I have made some gestures about getting some interviews set up with a few of the guests. I don't want to spoil anything or promise something we can't deliver, but if it works out right we may have fun stuff for you to read. While this not be breaking news, it hopefully will be more informative then a headline about the next blockbuster.

Keep an eye out over the next few days and weeks as we see how it all comes together.


I'd also like to ask you all to bear with us and the roughness of some of the recent posts. Normally Ken would go over the posts before they go up. Unfortunately Ken has been on a well deserved vacation which unfortunately corresponded to my spending some time going to the NYFF so several recent posts maybe rougher than they should be. It's all my fault since I have been posting way too much. Rest assured that as soon as Ken gets home with the turtles and things calm down we'll get back to having posts that don't look like they have been posted by a madder man then than is usual.

Okay, off to bed- there are panels and movies (The NYFF is still running) to see.

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