Sunday, October 17, 2010

A few notes on film festivals and links

The year marches on and we're still heading toward film festivals.

The South Asian International Film Festival starts October 27 and runs to November 2 here in New York. As it stands now I have one film (Gandu or Asshole) in the cue. I'm trying to see if I can arrange more but its a crazy weekend and my house is going to be haunted so I'm limited in what I can see.

The New York City Horror Film Festival
is running November 10 to 14. I'm going to try and go to some of it. However I've arranged for coverage from someone who is planning on seeing it all. Mr Robert Melville has been to every festival and seen every film which makes him the perfect person to cover the festival. Reports will be forth coming and I can't wait.

Lincoln Center's 4th annual Scary Movies Festival is coming Halloween weekend. This conflicts with the South Asian International Film Festival, but I'm making time to see Stake Land. Its described as The Road meets Zombieland but not funny. Thats all well and good, but for me the selling point was the fact its directed by the same person who directed Mulberry Street, which is one of the best horror films of the last few years. We'll be looking at Mulberry Street on December 6th.

A couple of cool links:

August Ragone over at his blog, The Good The Bad The Godzilla is celebrating Halloween Every Day this month with a classic horror portrait. The pictures and the details can be found here.

A Virtual tour of the Vatican can be found here. It's a graphic intensive tour that allows you to move around as you'd like. I know its not movie related but it's just beautiful and very cool.

An on line collection of Mike Wallace Interviews from the 50's and 60's can be found here. Its a collection of all sorts of people.

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