Sunday, October 24, 2010

Metropolis on a BIG screen and other things

The Complete Metropolis is playing in Manhattan's Ziegfeld theater until November 4. Thats one of the biggest screens in NYC which makes seeing it there a must. Sure it's going to be on DVD(November 16) and TCM (November 7) but this is the way it was meant to be seen...really BIG. The New York Times had a piece on the film and it can be found here.

AFTERSHOCK, which I reviewed this past Monday is getting a limited US release starting Friday according to IMDB. Keep an eye out in case it plays by you.

This is a link to a piece on footage that was shot in San Francisco days before the earthquake in 1906. The web page tells the story of how a camera was strapped to the front of a trolley and it's trip was filmed, thereby preserving what the city was like before it was destroyed. There is more to the story so you'll want to check the page out and see the film for yourself.

The New York Times on the South Asian International Film festival which is next week can be found here.

There may not be enough animated films for more than 3 Oscar nominations. Read about it here.

A piece on the widescreen films of Akira Kurosawa can be found here.

In December Peter Greenaway brings an installation of DaVinci's Last Supper to NYC. Details can be found here. Its like going to Italy without leaving NYC since the inside and the outside of the chapel are recreated including the sounds.

A list of the best films by genre

USA Today picks the best documentaries ever

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