Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York Comicon and Anime Festival Day 3

It's all over now.

We've survived the crowds yesterday and made it to the calmness of Sunday. Sundays are always calm at the convention. They are the probably the best feeling day of the convention.

Ken and I used the day to pick up a few last things, get a few extra signatures, to connect briefly with my friend Dave and to see a few panels and screenings.

Actually we tried to go to two screenings but only on happened. The screening of what I was told was suppose to be the new Work by Katushiro Otomo, but when we got to the panel room nothing was going on just people were waiting.

We did make the panel for the new documentary Grant Morrison Talking with Gods. It was a panel with the producer, cameraman director and some other people connected with the production. Based on the clips it looks to be a stunning film, not just for comic lovers. Ken will be writing up the presentation in greater detail and once the film is released in a couple of weeks he will be reviewing the film and presenting an interview with the crew.

After that it was lunch and then some more laps around the floors for me as Ken spent some time with Comic artist Rick Leonardi who did a sketch for him.

Along the way I found the people at Patch Together. They had some really cool toys for sale. I was impressed and probably should have talked with them more and bought something but I was short on cash. I haven't really looked at the website, but it based on what I've seen it's worth a look see.

I want to mention that the potential interview with the people at Imaginism Studios never materialized. By the time I made it to their booth that had left. Still you may want to check their website.

Over all it was two good days on either side of a difficult one.

I was talking to Randi before I wrote this and I t and I'll need think she's right, more happened than I can process right now. I'll take a few days and go through all of the material I've collected and perhaps I'll post more in a few days.

And now-its a year and a week until the next convention. I can't wait...

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