Friday, October 29, 2010

War of the Insects (1968)

This is a bad movie and I'm going to try and make this a bland as possible so you don't think there is any reason to see the film. Its actually such a bad movie that I can't understand why the Cinematic Titanic crew is using it for riffing since as funny as the riffs are the underlying movie is unwatchable.

A huge cloud of bees brings down a bomber carrying an atomic bomb over an island near Japan. Some of the crew escapes and makes it to the island where they are killed by the insects. One of the local men is charged with the men's murder. Through a long winding chain of events it transpires the bees are a new species that were being bred by a mad scientist to get revenge on Germany for what happened during World War 2. (There's more but trust me you don't want to know- even with Cinematic Titanic riffing you don't want to know).

This is a disaster of a film is a kin to the horrible eco-films (Last Days of Planet Earth anyone?) that Japan turned out in the 1970's. These were big on having a point but small on any real plot or anything else. Here the film drones on with lots of talk and not much happening. Sure there are two late in the game bee attacks but it doesn't make it worth sitting through the preceding 80 minutes. A dreadful film in the unfun way that only Japanese some science fiction films can be (Time of the Apes anyone?).

I gave this film 2 out of 10 at IMDB because the two plane sequences at either end of the film are screamingly funny for all of the wrong reasons. However I need to point out that they are not a reason to watch this movie in it's entirety. This film is one of the all time stinkers.

It should also be noted that this is one of the films in rotation for the Cinematic Titanic live shows. Frankly this movie is so bad that I wouldn't want to see it again even with the Cinematic Titanic crew picking on it. (A similiar fate is met by another CT choice The Oozing Skull, which is best summed up as it sucks)

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