Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004)

Jean Reno's detective Niemans is back hunting the mind behind a bizarre series of murders and disappearances, all with a religious overtone. It all begins with a bleeding wall in a monastery and goes from there as twists seem to be leading us toward the end of the world.

I would like to report that this is at least the equal of the earlier film (One of the best thrillers of the past decade), but I can't. This is a film that has too many characters and too much plot with the result that you're hard pressed to work out whats happening. Characters such as Mary, a religious expert, or Christopher Lee's ominous business man are never more than cyphers. We get to know nothing about them. There are plot twists or points that are never fully explained. Watching this I had the sense that this was suppose to be about an hour longer but that it had been chopped up to its shortest possible running time. I'm led to believe this by the fact that whats on screen alludes to more than we're seeing, this is a film that's alive off the screen. I wish that they had taken the time to explain more.

None of it is really bad, although the acrobatics of the killer(s) in monks robes are much too far over the top for the film's own good. To be honest if you were to take the film on it's own terms its a good little thriller, the problem comes when you compare it to the first film, which is damn near perfect.

In the end as a rental or on cable this is okay
Should Luc Besson read this: Please do another-and better- film with Reno's character. He's too good a creation to die after only two outings

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