Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pattern For Plunder (1963)

Keenan Wynn shows up on the door of several of his old army buddies promising a fortune in lost Nazi gold if only they join him to get it. Crazy as it might sound they join up and before long they are hip deep in intrigue.

What can I say, this is a small scale gem, the sort of film that deserves to be seen. Its perfect proof at how good B- movies could be even as late as the 1960's.

This is a well acted story of post war greed that doesn't want to be anything other than an entertaining evening. There are plot twists and a traitor in their midst and if you put your mind to it you might be able to figure things out, but its so much fun just watching whats going on on screen that it really isn't worth the effort. Why spoil the fun of the mystery by sorting it out way too early?

If you come across this film take the time to watch it since its 90 minutes well spent.

Addendum: This film has a good number of alternate titles so you may want to cross reference with IMDB if you run across a differently titled film that sounds similar.


  1. This movie is playing on tv in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) at 1:38:30.

  2. This movie is seen in a cinema in the final scene, non on a tv set, in "Desperately Seeking Susan"

  3. Actually, it's just a poster in the projection room. The film is Ib Melchior's "The Time Travelers" (if you are into B movies)