Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crimson Rivers (2000)

This weekend I'm taking a look at two films produced by Luc Besson about a detective who gets called in for difficult cases. I love the main character played by Jean Reno and really wish that they would make a few more films with the character since these films are a great deal of fun.

Jean Reno is called to a small village to help solve what quickly becomes a series of odd deaths around private school. What transpires after his arrival is simply one of the best thrillers in years. Things move along at a good clip and remain just enough off center in the rightCheck Spelling sort of ways that you really can feel the tension move up several notches as things progress.

Although he is joined by a local cop running his own investigation (Vincent Cassel) this is far from a buddy film since it a good long while before they even meet and even then there is always sense of distrust between them even if they respect each other. Since we are following both detectives we know things the other one doesn't and even then we are never certain of whether we can truly trust either one of them.

The sole problem with the film is the final ten minutes where everything comes together and is explained comes off as run of the mill which is something that the previous 100 minutes was not. It does weaken the film, but doesn't destroy it. Hell, anyone I've shown the film to has wanted more, a feeling the sequel more than satisfies.

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