Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Intruder (1933)

Moving like the wind and possessing a devil make care attitude this film has everything including gaffes for sharp eyed viewers to find.

Where to start?

The basic plot has a murder at sea occurring during a wicked storm that sinks the ship and strands many of the passengers on a deserted...almost deserted island. There is much much more to it than that, but if I tried to explain the French men, the skeletons, and the other twists you'd probably think I was nuts. (I'm not but the movie makers probably were

This movie just goes. From the moment it starts to the end this movie twists and turns in ways that most three hour epics could only dream about. For its sheer nuttiness and throw everything at the audience attitude this film must be seen because you'll never see another movie like it.

I love this movie because it seems so intent on telling its wild story and having you believe it even as you sit there in complete disbelief. On the fun scale its easily a nine simply because its a decently made piece of madness.

Things to watch out for: The boats off shore after the sinking (they are suppose to be far away from everywhere), andThe factory and houses down the beach from the filming locations (on the deserted island), There are more but I'll leave it to other sharp eyed viewers to spot them.

This is out in several compilation sets and worth picking up.

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