Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stake Land and Lifting King Kong (2009)

It's been a busy day at Unseen Films.

Earlier today I found out that Stake Land, which I think is one of the best films of last year and a game changing horror film is getting a release to theaters. The film is due for release on April 22 and according to the information I got during an exchange of emails with the marketing people it's getting a national roll out. Trust me on this, it's cause for major celebration. I'll be providing more information as it gets closer to the release date, just mark it on you calendars that the film is coming.

Tonight was the third screening in the Korean Cultural Services free films series. Some how Mondocurry, Shigeko and myself all ended up at the Tribeca Cinemas for Lifting King Kong.

The film is the true story of the Bronze Medalist in weight lifting at the Seoul games in 1988 who ends up coaching a middle school girls weight lifting team. At first he didn't want to do it, but he eventually changes his mind and the lives of the young women in his care.

A decidedly different sort of sports film, this is not your typical by the numbers feel good film. Everyone in the film has real problems that don't just go away. Its not a touchy feelie sort of film and every tear the film gets from you is earned, often coming from some unexpected places.

I really liked the film a great deal. It's very much not like every other sports film you've seen. Right now Mondocurry and I are discussing whether either one one of us wants to write up a full review. Whether or not that happens , know that the film is worth searching out and that Yes Asia does carry the film, I know because I have the film on order.

A word of warning. The film begins with a lift that results in an injury. The mix of sound and image made a good third of the audience jump out of their seats. If you get queasy at that sort of thing you may want to look away.

The next film in the series is one on handball Forever the Moment. It will take place on February 22. Grady from the NYAFF calls it one of the best sports film ever made. In theory I'll be attending, however it may not happen since the screenings at BAM of 50's scifi the night before and some of the Film Comment Selects films may result in my taking a pass. (besides I have this on DVD- though I haven't seen it yet).

I would like to thank the Korean Cultural Service for doing the screenings but I do wish they would promote the films more. Looking at the just over half filled theater I noticed many of the same people from the last screening. While it's great they are doing this the fact that it's the same people there all the time makes me sad that they aren't reaching a wider audience. We at Unseen Films are trying to do our part but there is only so much we can do. I know I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth but the films they've screened so far have been gems and more than the same bunch of people should be seeing them.

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