Friday, February 25, 2011

Cold Fish (2010) FIlm Comment Selects

It's late, so this will be short. I'm just back in from the first screening at Film Comment Selects of Sion Sono's Cold Fish. It's being advertised as a serial killer film, even by Sushi Typhoon who produced it and will eventually get the film a release in the US, unfortunately that's not really the case.

The plot concerns a weak willed tropical fish store owner who is abused by life. When his daughter is picked up for shop lifting he finds his luck has turned around when another tropical fish store owner helps him convince the manager of the store to let the girl go. The bargain is struck and our hero has essentially made a deal with the devil and he's on the road to Hell.

This is a long rambling film, with a final beyond blood soaked twenty minutes, that is in need of a good editor (which is something one review at Twitch I read earlier today had suggested). Forgive me for saying this but there is no reason for this film to be two and a half hours long, other than to dwell in the depravity. I think there is a great film in all of the rambling instead of just a good, or more likely just an okay one. Don't get me wrong, it's well made, well acted, and often deeply disturbing (if graphic violence and dismemberment bothers you stay away) unfortunately it just sort of rambles about seeming to have been made up on the fly.(then again this is based on a real story).

Siono Sono can make long movies work. His Love Exposure runs over 4 hours yet never bores, this doesn't quite work and it had me checking my watch early on.

I attended the screening with Mondocurry, Shigeko and her friend Luigi. Their general feeling was that this a good film but isn't Sono's best film. I would have to agree. I would add that I need to think about the film since my feelings have changed on the subway and train rides home.

A further review maybe becoming depending upon further review and discussion.


Just an FYI, later today I Saw The Devil, which I saw on Sunday is playing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with the director attending. The screening is at 7pm and highly recommended. That nasty little confection has helped to color the week. I think it's better than I thought simply because I still feel beaten up. I should add I may attend the screening, or I may not, depending on how I feel later on today about getting abused.

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