Sunday, June 18, 2023

An Improper Send Off OR In Person Tribeca Is Done- But The Coverage Continues.

Yes the Virtual Tribeca is just about to fire up but the in person is history...And I am exhausted.

The final personal tally is somewhere around 110 shorts and features. That's the most I've ever done. 

There were no interviews, which was a first in several years. On the other hand I got to meet a ton of film directors and talk movies. Additionally Austin Belzer of Austin B Media is allowing us to repost his interviews

I made it to three in person World Premieres and got to see Cyndi Lauper and Pam Grier.

The best part of the festival was that I got to meet long time on line friends Danielle Solzman and Melanie Addington in person. Sure our meetings were fleeting but we got to talk and see movies together, even for a moment.

I got to meet newer internet friend Hakan, the man known online as Life Is A Film Festival in person too. 

And I got to say hello to Solomon and Bob and the friends who are the theater staff of Tribeca. I've known many of them for as long as I've been covering and they are a delight from top to bottom. I may love to see the movies, but reconnecting with the staff and hearing them talk about the movies they are seeing is more fun.

Like last year I somehow did something that my teenage self would never have thought possible which was to simply travel from screening to screening with a filmmaker I admire, namely William Lustig. I met Bill at Tribeca last year and we went from screening to screening  talking about what we were seeing. That happened again this year and while on one hand it was no big deal, just two guys talking about music and baseball docs, but at the same time I am too big a movie fan not to think it was cool. 

Before you ask, I am too close to the festival to come up with a best of list. More so since I have spent the better part of two days writing up over thirty films so my stock pile of words is used up. 

Regardless of anything - I had a blast.

As this posts I've written up every thing I've seen. Most are full reviews and some are capsules. I had hoped to do full reviews of everything but things happened and words were not always there. I have reviews coming in from Ariela Rubin, who is still watching films and cross posts from Liz Whittemore of Reel News Daily who dealing with juggling being a mom and a reviewer. When is all said and done we should have covered around 125 films, which is half of Tribeca (but twice the size of other reasonable festivals).  

Coverage is running through at least 9PM on Friday June 23, however it will go long if I get more films (a couple of filmmakers promised to send me their films) or if I get promised pieces late. There a few holes but coverage drops every three hours until then.

And lest you think we're atypical, everyone I know  saw a lot of movies - it was that sort of a year.

In addition to Tribeca coverage this week there will be a few reviews of films opening Friday as well as our coverage of Dances With Films, a festival that I should not be covering because I don't have it in me to review 17 films before the embargoes drop.

I will have more to say about the festival down the road because there were some great films that need highlighting again.

Thank you to everyone at Tribeca for letting us come play, thank you to all my friends for tacking a trip with me and thank you to all of you for reading about our adventures.

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