Thursday, June 15, 2023


Filmed version of the hit Broadway musical is very good.

Containing a record of the shows creator Sara Bareilles this is as close to seeing the show as you can get short of them bringing it back for a revival.

I absolutely loved the show. I grumblingly saw it the first time paying full price tickets for it and when it was done my attitude was I would gladly play full price to see it again. I did see it a second time but on a discount. The fact that I was willing to pay full price to see the show multiple times says a great deal since I spent the better over 20 years going to every show I could and always getting a discount. After the hundreds of shows I saw there were only two I ever thought were good enough to pay full price for, Kinky Boots and Waitress (and I only saw Kinky Boots once)

This show is great and you just need to see it and fall under it’s spell

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