Monday, June 19, 2023

Cinnamon (2023) Tribeca 2023

This modern noir  contains one of Pam Grier's greatest performances. A bone chilling creation that is the personification of real world  evil on a level we haven't seen since Hannibal Lecter . The fact that Tubi is not releasing the film to theaters so Ms Grier can get an Oscar is a sin of the highest order.

The film is the story of the aftermath of robbery. An aspiring singer who works at gas station and her boyfriend conspire to rob the place she works, the trouble is it all goes wrong, not only because there is a murder, but because the owner of the store is one truly evil people, headed by Pam Grier's Mama. If that wasn't bad enough there are additional levels of nastiness that they had no part of which makes this an even worse situation.

Kick ass thriller is a twisty delight. Outside of a too goofy performance by Damon Wayons (he's in a different film altogether) this is a tight little gem that will make you squirm in your seat. What makes the film work is not the twists we can see but the unexpected one we don't. I'm not saying a word. 

And Pam Grier is a goddess. If you want to know how good she is see this film. Without saying a word she will chill you to the bone. It's frightening. Why hasn't she done more villains?  What delighted me was seeing her do nasty things for 90 minutes and then come out on stage for a Q&A and just be so lovely and charming. She was and is nothing like Mama. She should be an Oscar contender - assuming Tubi makes an effort.

A true delight.

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