Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Still even more short pieces on Tribeca Features: CYPHER, RATHER, RON DELSENER PRESENTS


Big winner at this year's Tribeca is a good psuedo-documentary about a rapper who is stalked by an unknown person and gets dropped into the middle of a conspiracy theory. It's a wild and head trippy film that I really liked, despite not being sure that it pulled enough of the story together to fully work. Reservations aside, the act of watching the film for the first time is a fantastic ride and that alone makes it worth seeing even if I'm not sure that I'll need to see it again.

Excellent portrait of the legendary reporter is exactly what you'd expect from a film about the man as made by the director. 
To be honest my original plan was to do a big write up of the film however as the fest went on I delayed writing as I battled to find words for a really good film that did exactly what I thought it would but didn't really leave any room for discussion. Its a great portrait and exactly what you think it is, and nothing beyond that

Watching this film was like reliving the last 50 years of my life because Delsener was the guys who brought everyone to the New York area. A good look at the man and his achievements, it was a walk down memory lane for me.  I'm not sure how this will play in Peoria because they don't know the man, but I suspect the last part of the film when we find out he helped engineer the the mega-mergers of concert promoters and ticketing services are going to piss them off.  While there is no denying he was always in it for a buck, the fact that the guy everyone said was great because it made concerts personal and human, is responsible for the cold faceless entities who control music now is crushing. More so since despite retiring he is still trying to do it his way. A lot of people who saw the film came out after seeing the end saying "you know I used to like him". It's almost as if he killed his own kids.

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