Friday, June 16, 2023

The Blackening (2023) Tribeca 2023

A group of Black college friends go off to a cabin in the woods for a ten year anniversary.. Stumbling upon a racist game called The Blackening, they are forced to play the game as they are by a masked killer.

Very funny and completely entertaining send up of horror films and Black characters in them, THE BLACKENING is a delight. I honestly went in expecting not to like the film (I hate similar films like the Scream franchise) and almost instantly fell under the films spell. 

Sure if you are well versed in horror films you'll know what is going on (generally) from the get go, but you won't care because the film is so well done you just go with it. If there is any real flaw it's that because you know how things are going, there really isn't much suspense, however this film is so witty you won't care.

Honestly, I'm dying to see the inevitable sequel.

Highly recommended

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