Thursday, June 22, 2023

Scream of My Blood: A Gogol Bordello Story (2023) Tribeca 2023

Portrait of performer Eugene Hutz who ended up leaving Ukraine for America just before the USSR fell, and into a punk rock crowd in Vermont. Many years it later resulted in his forming the punk band Gogol Bordello which fuses folk music with rock and roll.

Absolutely joyous film about life and music as well as life as music as we follow Hutz and his band across the globe and back to Ukraine to perform for the soldiers during the war. It's one of a kind film that is an absolute delight for the soul as the insanity of life gives birth to musical joy. I and the the few people at the press screening I attended were dancing in our seats. I now I regret not going to to the world premiere screening where the band played after the movie.

This is as good a marriage of performance and cinema as they come when you aren't a pure concert film.

One of the great films of the festival and the year.

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