Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Loren And Rose (2021)

An up and coming filmmaker details his friendship with an aging actress (Jacqueline Bisset)  over six years and the course of three meals.

If you want action look elsewhere, for while the film has fireworks they are purely of the verbal kind. This is a film that’s more akin to MY DINNER WITH ANDRE as opposed to THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS.  In actuality it’s a film that could very easily be turned into a stage play. That isn’t a knock, rather more a statement of the sort of film it is.

Wise and knowing this is a film that is going to delight people who like films with meaty ideas and clever discussions. It’s a film that mirrors any sort of discussion you’ve ever had where you were talking about things other than who was doing what with whom. This is a film where what we are discussing are discussions of life on a deeper level.

The important thing about the film is Bisset who is finally given a role where she is allowed to hold the screen. Fore decades she was given roles where she wasn’t allowed to show how good she was. Yes she was always good, but she was either relegated to a minor role or a named role where she just had to look good. Here she is on screen for most of the film and allowed to tear into things like never before. The result is a performance that will make you realize she was wasted in the past.

If you love good acting or thoughtful films, LOREN AND ROSE is a must

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