Thursday, June 22, 2023

Once more with feeling: More Tribeca 2023 Capsule reviews: ROLLING ALONG, BOCA CHICA, POISONED, CHASING CHASING AMY, OTE

The filmed record of Bill Bradley's one man show is not  at all what I expected. A completely compelling autobiographical look at the basketball great and legendary politician, it turns the notion of "documentary" on it's head. I say that because watching the film I felt infinitely more informed than I did coming out of most of the other documentaries at this year's Tribeca. Yes the story told is Bradley's tale slanted to make him look good, but there is a human side to it and it makes you feel like you were having dinner with the man. One of the great surprises of the festival, it's highly recommended.

Young woman in the Domincan Republic struggles with her identity and with her dreams of becoming a big star as an upcoming wedding threatens to reveal secrets.  This is a good small scale drama that I liked but which I had seen at the start of the festival since 110 films in it ended up being unfairly compared to the rest. Definitely worth a look

Excellent Netflix documentary on the contaminating of our food. 
I really liked this film a great deal. Having had a father who spent 40 years working for the local health department where he was in charge of food and beverage I found the film full of all the stories and warnings he had been telling me all my life.  What I loved was that going into the film with a friend who said that he was certain that because he was a vegan he was not going to have anything to worry about. By the time the film ended he looked a bit green around the gills as he saw the dangers in many of his favorite foods. A great film that is highly recommended.

Sav Rodgers explains how his life was forever changed by the controversial film CHASING AMY. This is a deeply moving story of one man's connection to a piece of art and how that art allowed him to survive and thrive. I really liked the film and its story of how hope for those who feel lost, can be found in unexpected places. Highly recommended.

Meandering tale of a Black woman from New York traveling across Turkey who decides to make a trip to Armenia. True road film, it begins as she arrives and ends when she meets her friend, moves at the speed of life, Whether that clicks for you or not will be determined by whether you fall into the rhythm of the walking woman. I liked the film a great deal but I wished I could have seen it in a theater where I could have been fully focused on the film and not distracted by the things around me.  That's not a problem since getting a future chance to see this on the big screen is something I wholeheartedly am looking forward to.

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