Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Dances With Films 2023 Shorts- Bucket City, Firefly, A Real One

The story of a squirrel and a duck and their love of basketball over time. This is a neat little film that moves like the wind and put a big smile on my face.

You’ll remember the visuals more than the story of  the spirit of a dead boy telling her sister about how their mother survived the fire bombing of a city in Japan.  As good as the visuals and the central tale is, the framing device doesn’t really work and actually keeps us out of the film instead of putting us into the tale.

Much too short story of two friends - one of whom discovers the secret of the other- she is romantically involved with her teacher. This is a beautifully made film that really needs to be expanded. Despite being only 15 minutes this film has a great deal to say about numerous subjects and I would love to see what writer/director McKenzie Chinn would do in a long form version. Recommended

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