Friday, June 16, 2023

SEEDING (2023) Tribeca 2023

What would happen if you mashed WOMAN OF THE DUNES with THE HILLS HAVE EYES? I would like to see what could be done with the idea by a good screenwriter so that it to erase the viewing of SEEDING from my memory. 

A photographer goes into the desert in order to shoot an eclipse. On his way back to his car he runs into a young boy who is claiming to be lost.  Tricked by the boy he ends up trapped at the bottom of a canyon with a young woman who seems perfectly happy to in her small house. As he whines about being trapped, a group of feral boys outside the canyon alternately give him food and abuse him. Eventually a relationship develops with the young woman...which is not a good thing.

The filmmakers botch this film from the get go, giving us a lead character we hate from the start. A whiny twit we never feel for him. He's a horrible person and we can't help but feel he deserves his fate. I was glad when all the bad things happened to him.

Beyond the poorly drawn main character the plot is a steady series of WTF turns. Nothing that happens makes any sense. Why is the girl there? Why are the feral kids up above?  We don't know, and any clues we have make no sense. How does she speak and understand English so well when she and the kids have been so isolated. They all have one set of clothes?

The time frame makes zero sense. He's barely there and he's trying to grow food, why? He's severely wounded and then suddenly he's not. How did the severe wound get fixed? There is no sense of time.

 Things just happen with no rhyme or reason. Yes we are essentially seeing moments but nothing hangs together.

By the time we get to the ending  we're left wondering what the hell are we seeing and why couldn't the filmmakers come up with something better than aping and dumbing down Midsommer and The Wickerman?

My notes for this film are a long series of questions because nothing makes sense.

What a waste of a concept.

Avoid this turkey

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