Saturday, June 17, 2023

BAD THINGS (2023) Tribeca 2023

BAD  THINGS is...bad

Its a collection of bad choices that come together to make a film that had the audience talking to the screen almost from the start and had me roaring with uncontrolled laughter at the end when people are chainsawed to death in a busy shopping mall parking lot and no one bats an eye. 

How and why Shudder picked it up will be a question that will haunt you for most of the running time.

The plot of the film has several friends going to a hotel in upstate New York to get it ready to sell. As their relationships unravel, there appears to be a killer in the hotel, who maybe one of the women, since several of them appear not to have any sort of grip on reality.

Despite a cast of game performers, BAD THINGS is awful. 

Blame either a script that makes no sense or a film crew that removed about 40 minutes of plotting. This is a film that will make you wonder what the hell is going on almost from the first frame. Sequences don't match, for example an early seen takes place in an indoor swimming pool where the girls relax. A couple of hours later the pool is completely empty. One girl watches videos on how to run a hotel. The woman in the videos is played by Molly Ringwald...who it turns out is her mother...WTF? Conversations are constantly referencing things as if we know what that means- but end up never explained- such as the relationship of all the women.

I have no words - though I did have hysterical laughter during the final 20 minutes of the film as each turn gets more outrageously stupid.

I can not believe this was picked up by a festival or by Shudder and was actually watched.

What a disaster.

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