Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Austin Belzer Interviews Everyone at Tribeca 2023 Part One

Because I love Austin's work and because I got a good response when we cross posted the interviews that Austin did for Sundance and SXSW I'm cross posting Austin's Tribeca Interviews.

These are the first ones he's posted at his home AUSTIN B MEDIA and I'm told there will be more. As with everyone I know who covered Tribeca things are running a bit behind because it was all one big wave.

A general note- while I am posting's Austin's festival interviews, he is doing muliple interviews every week on a wide variety of topics so you should be reading and watching his pieces at AUSTIN B MEDIA and perhaps, if you can afford it consider becoming a Patron. It will be good for your soul and your head.

Lastly a big shout out to Austin for letting me grab some of his coverage to share with you. (and he has more Tribeca coverage at his site as well)

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