Sunday, June 25, 2023

Pruning (2023) Palm Springs Shortfest 2023

A controversial conservative talk show host has the things she rallies for come crashing into her life.

Uncomfortable "horror" film about how people disconnect from the sings they say and the things they cause to happen. It's a fictional accounting of what we see happen on the TV talk shows again and again. Hannity, Tucker and the others of their ilk have been name checked in the rants of the mad men who are shooting up America, but it never stops them from repeating their hate over and over again. 

While the film is a reflection of the things we see every day, it shouldn't be effective as it is. However despite the film being too close to reality, it still kicks our ass because the fictional nature of the film allows the film to cross out of the purely emotional add the intellectual. Instead of just reacting in a kne jerk sort of way, we are thinking  about the tragedy more deeply. As a result the film kicks us harder than just watching this play out for real.


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