Thursday, June 22, 2023

Somewhere Quiet (2023) Tribeca 2023

A Meg and her husband go his families summer home in order to help her try and recover from a terrible kidnapping.

This is a film that is pretty much told from Meg's point of view. She has been so traumatized that she is unsure of anything. Even simple events take on ominous shading. We are never certain of anything at any point. Watching the film we get a  good sense of what Meg is feeling.

As well done as much of this film is there is a point where the narrative begins to break apart. The problem is that there is such a lack of communication between the couple and between the filmmakers and the audience that a couple of turns seem to come from out of left field. We are told things that would alter how we see events but are instead only mentioned when they would result in a gasp from the audience, not at a point where it would be natural to insert the information into the story. The story telling doesn't feel fair.  

I was fine for a while and then I stopped caring. I felt that the filmmakers weren't telling Meg's story so much as gaslighting the character in order to produce a reaction in the audience.

I was disappointed.

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