Monday, June 19, 2023

Mad Heidi (2023) is a Fathom Event June 21

In a Switzerland that has gone full on fascist, President for life Meili is using his cheese to control the population. He's gone so far toward making sure people eat his cheese he's made lactose intolerance a crime.  When Heidi's boyfriend is executed for trafficking in cheese, she is tossed int prison. Vowing revenge she begins to plan an escape.

Over the top action and off color humor mix in a bloody send up of exploitation films of old. If you've loved old school film genres like women in prison films, nazi exploitation, euro war films, horror then odds are you'll find something to love here.

As much as the pieces of this film are I'm not sure MAD HEIDI works. While there is a lot of great moments here, the trouble is there is a lot of filler in between.  The film feels like it was started as a bunch of really cool ideas that the writers absolutely nailed. The problem is they couldn't find away to link them up in a way that keeps us excited. I kept wanting to hit the fast forward.

Frankly I was disappointed because the trailer was go good.

Despite being disappointed I did like the film. Its one of the best looking films of the year and was clearly made with love. Also when the film works, it's gangbusters. Its good enough that I really hope the promised sequel actually happens.

While I have reservations I recommend you go see this when the film plays Wednesday as a Fathom event and you can see it with a room of like minded people.

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