Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tribeca 2023 Shorts: LET LIV, IN PASSING, KONPA and SPERM BANK


LET LIV (2023)
A young woman and her girlfriend attend an AA meeting and is shocked when he mother walks in. This is a good short film that captures a small moment in time. Actually what it feels like is a proof of concept film rather than a complete thing since so much is left unsaid and we are left wanting to see more.. I like the film, but I also wish it was a feature.

A chef is having issues at work is also having them with her artist girlfriend. This is a good small scale drama that works because of the two leads who sell the story.

Worth a look.

Young man who doesn’t speak creole tries to order some food and ends up learning to dance konpa by a girl who has won his heart.

This is an okay film that “ends” at a certain point only to come back to life for a note perfect final turn. I loved where this film goes, since I never expected the absolute perfection of the final moments. What an incredible delight. 

While this may not rock the pillars of heaven it’s a charmer that will make you feel good.

Comedy about a young man with stage 4 testicular cancer who goes to a sperm bank to store sperm in case and ends up having trouble being able to do what needs to be done.

This is an amusing little film that will make you laugh before fading from your memory. Perfect as part of a collection of shorts, okay as a stand alone.

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