Monday, June 12, 2023


This is the look at the cryptocurrency crazy through the lives of several regular people who buy Doge Coin, the preferred crypto of Elon Musk.

Opening with a warning that the film is not giving any advice, this is a look at how people are trying to strike it rich on a sure thing. Some people are making a mint and others are going broke, sometimes not long after the make their first fortune because they stayed too long in the market.

A good look at a modern mania on the road to quick riches, this film shows us what the cost of dealing in electronic currency is all about.  Most of the people are not well off and yet are sinking all their money into what one person calls a lottery pay out.

Personally I don’t trust crypto. I see the allure but I’ve seen a number of friends lose their shirts. Too many people pumping and dumping  after making a fortune. I clearly see why the government is investigating and prosecuting people connected with it.

If you want to learn a little something about crypto give this film a shot and you’ll understand how a person can have over two hundred grand in crypto, have five hundred dollars in cash and struggling to pay bills this film is for you.

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