Thursday, June 15, 2023

Two Tribeca 2023 Shorts: ECSTASY and THAW

Slightly experimental story of a nun in convent who is affected by a black hole residing there.

This is a film that’s better to see than read about. A tightly controlled mood piece this is a film that by passes the brain to cause us to react to the film on a purely emotional level. It’s a film whose emotional hold is so strong that I was really annoyed when it ended.

A woman goes to take a care of a cabin in the woods for the winter and is forced to take a  young man with her because her parents insist that she will not be able to handle it. As they spend time together roles begin to change.

Very good film about expectations and how gender roles are not set in stone and can shift. It’s a beautifuly made film and one of the best playing Tribeca.

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