Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Gravity (2022) opens Friday

As the universe races toward a mysterious alignment of the planets which is causing the sky to grow redder, two brothers have to figure out how to deal with an uncertain future, and the young hustlers who are looking to make their mark.

Heady mix of crime, social and science fiction dramas come together with uncertain results. While this is one of the best looking films playing this year's Rendezvous With French Cinema, it is in someways the most obtuse. It is trying to say a great deal about life when thrown out of balance (or is it into balance?) but it's juggling a few too many ideas for it's own good. 

While I admire what it's trying to do and I love the performances and the craft of the film, I' not certain it adds up to much.

On the other hand any film that refuses to go the way of any other is to be celebrated.

Worth a look for the curious.

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