Thursday, November 2, 2023

METHOD SAMPLING: HOW TO BUILD THE FUTURE TOGETHER premieres at DTLA tonight and hits DVD on November 7

This is a really cool little documentary. Nominally a look at the Ensemble Mik Nawooj , a hip hop orchestra that mixes classical musical instruments with a hip hop sensibility and dance  in order to create something greater. The film  then explores how people are taking old ideas and mixing them with more modern ways of doing things to create the means of doing and seeing things that are new and fresh.

This film is a quite stunner. It’s one of the rare films you’ll see this year which will not just get your mind going but force you to rethink how you see the world.  I started the film intending to just sort of keep an eye on it and bang out a review and instead I found myself truly engaged with the film and replaying sections of the film a second time to see something that made me go WOW a second time.

For the most part this film really blew me away.

While I would have loved more images of the orchestra performing and maybe a little less of some of the discussion of changes to capitalism, I was still enraptured from start to finish.

This film is an absolute delight and highly recommended.

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