Sunday, November 5, 2023

MH 370: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

Three part Netflix documentary about the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH 370 which completely disappeared off radar one day in 2014 and was never seen again

Following several theories about what may have happened the film is some tasty food for thought but it doesn’t provide any solid answers, more so since the theories pick at each other. The film concentrates on three theories, though several others and variations are mentioned. 

The first speculates on the possibility that the captain may have been responsible for the disappearance. It includes discussion of the discovery of the Captain running a flight simulation where the plane  was flown into the middle of the ocean (and it raises problems with that as well such as if you did fly the plane with the intention of crashing it why wait six hours to do so?)  

The second speculates that the plane was hijacked and flown into Asia by Russian hijackers. There are a number of problems with this, such as how could they have done it with no one seeing them do it, however which make it an interesting theory.   

The third speculates that that the plane  may have been shot down since at the time of the disappearance there were two major military training exercises going on near where the plane disappeared.  It also questions whether the wreckage that was supposedly from the plane since all of it was found by one man and nothing has any of the markings indicating what plane it came from, something some experts said was unlikely to happen.

I was liked the series enough that I watched it in one go. I don’t necessarily buy any of the theories, but I was entertained by the speculation

Worth a look with a grain of salt

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