Monday, November 7, 2011

Telephone Operator (1937 )

Woman covering for her friend who is having an affair refuses to leave her post as the dam breaks and water is flooding her town....

Actually the film mostly concerns the telephone operators trying to hook up (pun intended) with the line men in the area. For most of the film it's just a soapy romance where men are men and women are women...that is until the rains some and the dam begins to break threatening the town. Its at that point our heroine stands her ground and continues to stay at her post warning everyone in the valley of their impending doom...or at least an unwanted bath.

For me the film is mostly a bust, but the flood scenes hang with you and it's what I kept coming back to when trying to decide whether or not to program this for Unseen. I don't care for the film on the whole but those flood scenes (a mix of real and staged footage) are amazing. Rent it or get it on demand for those.

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  1. I love that poster. It's only back in the days where they'd combine such mundane things with such a threat like a dam break.
    I think the sheer ridiculousness of the premise is what makes this probably quite watchable.