Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chun-Yi Hsieh's Braid wins a DGA Student Film Award

I have some fantastic news to report. Chun-Yi Hsieh' film Braid won one of the DGA's Student Film Awards.

You remember Braid don't you?. This was the short film I missed at Tribeca when I walked out on a collection of not very good short films. Unfortunately I walked out on before Braid screened.

I only ended up seeing the film because it's director emailed me to say he thought I should see it. He was right I should have seen it because even now six months on it's still a film that haunts me and is solidly on my list as one of the best films of 2011.

Here is the DGA Press release on the awards.
And here is the Variety piece on the awards.

A huge round of applause from everyone here at Unseen Films for a well deserved award.

For those who want a taste of Braid here is the trailer:

Braid 辮子(Bian Zi) Trailer from Chun-Yi Hsieh 謝駿毅 on Vimeo.

And for those who want more proof for how good the director is here is a lipstick commercial that is posted on his website. Its a commercial but you'll see just how good his eye is:

Lipstick Commercial, 口紅廣告 from Chun-Yi Hsieh 謝駿毅 on Vimeo.

More videos can be found on on his Vimeo channel including the really good documentary Joyce Agape and the short film Toyman (which proved to me that Braid was no fluke)

For all things Chun-Yi Hsieh go to his website here.

Braid also one the Best Student Short Film at the Traverse FIlm Festival in July (I missed that one).

I've had a nice email conversation with Chun-Yi Hsieh since this posted and I wanted to say that he has several future projects in the works including a new short film that is post production and three possible feature projects and a new documentary that are in the planning stages. Basically this means we haven't heard the last of Mr Hsieh yet (thank god).

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