Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ninja Connection (aka Ninja in the Killing FIelds) (1984)

Ninjas in their sanctuary watch as their plans are busted up by the cops. They then decided to take matters in their own hands by going after the cops...or something...

Look this is bad, I mean really bad.

Two minutes in I knew this was yet another Godfrey Ho film, though he used one of his dozens of other names.

You know Ho, or if you don't you should (if only to avoid him). He's the whacked guy who takes good martial arts/Asian movies then shoots wrap around footage that doesn't match.Some times he takes finished films, and cuts them up but many times he takes the left over footage from a busted production and does something with it. Usually this means he re-dubs and re-cuts it beyond all recognition and turns it loose on the unsuspecting world as a "new" film.

Ho made a long line of ninja films with Richard Harrison that barely had Harrison in them. Actually he signed Harrison for what I believe was one film, but he shot so much extra footage he got a half dozen of more films out of it. When Harrison found out, apparently by seeing all these films with his name on them. He screamed bloody murder and then sued Ho who laughed all the way to the bank. Sadly Harrison didn't count on Ho's being so good at this nonsense that he could use the same movie with different wraparounds and call them different movies.

I say this with great loathing but Godfrey Ho is a master of the junk film. I wouldn't care if they were put together with any sort of skill, but they're not, I mean its plain to see the old and new footage do not match in any way. Worse any thing good in the old footage is killed by the really bad new footage. Its so bad its bad and not even remotely fun.

Ninja Connection or Ninja in the Killing Fields or what ever its called this week is like all Godfrey Ho films, its to be avoided, or sent to your worst enemy in the world as an expression of your deepest hatred.

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