Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hansel and Gretel (1954)

When I decided to do this series of off the wall children's films I didn't remember that I had seen this film version before.I must have picked it up in the dollar bin since I can't image how else I saw this weird ass film.

After I saw it I wrote it up at IMDB as follows:

Narrated by Paul Tripp, of The Christmas That Almost Wasn't fame, this is a 52 minute retelling of the classic story with sweet German kids and actors.

It all looks like a slightly opened up stage play and is much too juvenile for adults. The trouble is its way too slow for kids who will go crazy waiting for something to happen. Its a time waster and something to make sick children fall asleep to, but not much beyond that. Still it has a bad mustache, a plastic snowman and a man in bear suit who may or may not be afraid of a stick.

I have no idea what made anyone think people would actually like this film. Watching it again I was struck by how static it is. It's terrible. It's almost the sort of thing that I would use to terrify small children I didn't like. Not because it was scary, rather because it's so bad they'll be good so they never have to watch it again.

Something for bad movie lovers only- and only then those feeling rather masochistic.

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