Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Horror Double Feature: THE SNARE and PITCHFORK

Three friends go on holiday and end up trapped in an apartment by a seemingly supernatural force.

Well made but slightly distant horror film doesn't always have clear cut answers as it makes you wonder just what is going on. Is there a force or is the lack of food and water getting to our three protagonists. While I know some people have absolutely loved this film I kind of remained outside of it with a feeling less that I was being told a story than I was watching things be manipulated to provoke a reaction.

Worth a look but I'm not sure you'll remember it the next day.

The SNARE is currently in theaters and on VOD

Hunter, an openly gay young man returns home with some friends to come out to his parents. During a barn dance Hunter's parents are killed, his sister is kidnapped and his friends are hunted by Pitchfork a young man in a dog mask with a pitchfork for his arm.

Odd ball horror film suffers from all sorts of problems including a script that is tonally all over the place. Some of this comes off as so silly (barn dance anyone? Neon bright colors?) that the film kind of collapses in on itself. Yes the film throws various socially relevant ideas at us but it doesn't really do much with them. While you can't help give the film points for trying to do something with the slasher genre the fact that it's free of any sort of graphic violence kind of works against what most people consider the genre's reason for existing.

Me I'm just looking for a good movie anywhere I can find it- but sadly this isn't one of them and I can't recommend PITCHFORK to anyone but horror completists.

Pitchfork hits theaters and VOD Friday

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