Sunday, January 15, 2017

William Kentridge, Triumphs and Laments (2016) New York Jewish FIlm Festival 2017

Portrait of artist William Kentridge as he puts together a huge frieze 500 meters in length along the banks the Tiber river in Rome. The painting, done in black paint, will only last a few years before being obliterated by the winds and waters of time

Interesting portrait of the artist and his work gives us an intriguing way into his large scale project that is overwhelming when seen on film. I can only imagine what it looks like in person. This  film record of the project it really is something special.  What I really liked was that we got a sense of the artist in motion. How does he do what he does? How do you attempt to pull something off on this grand a scale?

As much as I like the film it presents a slight bit of disappointment in that I really didn't get as good a sense of the artist as a man as much as I would have liked. Yes I know some of Kentridge's work, especially his films but until I saw this film I never had any idea who he was as a  person. Now having seen this film I have a glimpse but there is enough here that I wish I had a bit more. Its a minor quibble, and ultimately not really the focus of the film- it's the work that's ceter here which is fine.

Definitely worth seeing hen the film plays on January 17 and 19. For tickets and more information go here.

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