Friday, January 27, 2017

Day Of Reckoning (2016)

Joel Novoa's DAY OF RECKONING is coming out on VOD at an odd time. This film about demons coming up from the center of the earth and trying to destroy the world is going to be seen as an allegory for the taking of power by Donald Trump. The analogy is wrong but considering how the first days of his administration has been seen by many as the end of the world, any film showing a demon horde is ripe to be co-opted by those looking for solace.

The plot of the film concerns what happens after the Day of Reckoning. It seems mass die offs were followed by mass migrations which were followed by an eclipse which signaled the demon hordes to come to the surface and kill man kind. The attack lasted 24 hours and destroyed much of the world. 15 years later another eclipse is predicted and the signs are following  an eerie pattern.  As the demons rise up to attack David and his family are forced to flee the city and attempt to make it to the home of an aunt and uncle who have a shelter.

A really good action horror film DAY OF RECKONING doesn't skimp on the monsters. filled with thousands of beasties and lots of carnage this is wickedly wonderful little film. This is a popcorn film of the highest order. While the film initially played last October on SYFY with commercials I think that ould be the wrong way to see this. Moving along at a frequently lightning speed and designed to keep you on the edge of your seat this is a film you can't break up. The spell will break and the film will seem to be a typical made for SYFY schlock film- which it isn't. While not as good as writer Gregory Gieras's BIG ASS SPIDERor production company Epic's similarly themed JERUZALEM, DAY OF RECKONING is a real kick in the pants. This is better than most films that premiere on SYFY in their Saturday at 9pm slot by miles.

If the film has any real flaw it would be the unevenness with which the the CGI monsters are integrated. Sometimes they look perfect and real and sometimes they look badly put into the scene. It kind of breaks the spell but once you go with it everything is fine.

I really liked this film a great deal and I recommend the film for any monster film lover-especiallyif you can watch it without commercials.

DAY OF RECKONING will be available on VOD and digital platforms Tuesday January 31st

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