Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chapter and Verse (2015)

After a run through the festival circuit the moving CHAPTER AND VERSE hits theaters in New York this Friday and theaters in LA and Chicago next Friday. The film is the debut of Jamal Joseph professor, activist and Black Panther.

The film is the story of S Lance Ingram a former gang leader who returns to Harlem after 10 years in prison he is striving to stay out of trouble and do the right thing. Befriending Miss Maddy a woman with a teenaged grandson S begins to look out for the boy, hoping to steer him away from trouble. Unfortunately in order to keep the boy safe he may have to give up his chance at freedom.

This is a solid urban drama. The film is a wide eyed film that has no easy answers or rah rah ending. Made by people who have experienced lives similar to the ones shown in the film CHAPTER AND VERSE has an almost documentary feel to it. Yes, there are actors we know on screen but their stories are not the sort of thing that Hollywood typically send our way. This is, as the poster says, a Harlem story, though I suspect it's also the story of a hundred other cities.

CHAPTER AND VERSE is highly recommended. It is an early year gem and a sterling example why small independent films matter- it is through them that real life is shown and not the one manufactured by the mass media.

See this film when it opens Friday.

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