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Nightcap 1/22/17 Neighboring Scenes starts Thursday, Editing animation, politics and Randi's links

How Do You Edit an Animated Film? from The Royal Ocean Film Society on Vimeo.
Neighboring Scenes the annual Latin American Film Festival at Lincoln Center Starts Thursday and runs until the 31st and it’s a must attended. In all seriousness you want to get tickets and go because every year they show great films that may not get a US release. For every film like the devastating Oscar hopeful THE CLUB, which ran last year, there are four or five small gems that may not end up seen with films like this year’s winners A DECENT WOMAN and WHERE I GROW OLD .

Every year I go into the series having no clue what most of the films are but I always come out needing to talk about and share the great films I just saw. My advice is look over the list of films and just go to anything that looks even remotely interesting.

As this posts I’m still working on coverage. I have a few reviews lined up but I’m looking to see a few more during the festival now that I’m set with a few other things. Keep reading because we will be posting coverage.

For tickets and more information go here.
While the plan was to keep this brief and while Unseen is not a political website I would be remiss in not saying a word about the new President.

He’s the wrong guy.

A sterling example of why one should not get involved with something one doesn’t really want (I’ve been told by people connected to the initial campaign he was running it simply for the cheap publicity) our new CEO is clearly in way over his head as his inability to play well with others reveals.

If you voted for him consider that his promises to drain the swamp and clean up Washington have gone down the toilet as he picked one of the men responsible for the banking crisis to run the banks, a man who made money from medical technology to run health and human services, a man who doesn’t know lead in water causes brain damage to run the EPA and a woman who hates public schools and thinks guns should be allowed in schools to prevent bear attacks to be the head of education. You may also find yourself without health insurance since, as several pro-Trump friends have found out, his move to repeal Obamacare is going to remove their new health insurance they got under the Affordable Care Act. Additionally he wats to cut the national Endowment for the Arts which will affect the films this site was set up to highlight.

We have elected a billionaire who has never had a business succeed, and who’s personal wealth would be exactly where it is had he done nothing. He is a sociopath who has no sense of anything outside of himself. He genuinely doesn’t understand people exist beyond him which is why he has pending sexual misconduct cases against him.

If you are unhappy call your representatives and senators-have their numbers on speed dial. Email them and send them letters (they listen to letters because if you’re pissed enough to use the mail they know you are serious). Let them know you will vote against them and make sure others will.

I will be steering away from politics here from on- but I have to state where I stand because what is about to happen in Washington will affect all of us.
And now some of Randi's Links

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