Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Father's Tools (2017) Sundance 2017

My Fathers's Tools - Trailer from Wapikoni mobile on Vimeo.

Heather Condo's short MY FATHER'S TOOLS is a portrait of Condo's husband Stephen Jerome who makes baskets in the traditional way, more or less, of the Mi’gmaq aboriginal community of Gesgapegiag in the province of Quebec, Canada. Its a really cool little film that kind of flips on you. What I mean by that is that as it starts you're wondering where it's going ut once Jerome gets back to the shop and actually making the basket you kind of fall into it.

Definitely worth the time to see it.

The film was produced by Wapikoni mobile, a portable studio fully equipped with cutting-edge technology that “travels to” First Nations communities. A To see other aboriginal films produced by Wapikoni mobile, please visit the official website

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