Monday, June 12, 2023

SIlver Haze (2023) Tribeca 2023

I saw SILVER HAZE a few months back when it premiered at Berlin earlier this year. With the film playing at Tribeca here is a repost of my review.

When Jacky was a child she was severely burned when the pub she had fallen asleep in burned. Years later she is still haunted by the events of the day and looking for closure. Meeting a young woman in her job at a hospital she begins toward getting closure.

Marking the glorious return to the screen of Vicky Knight, an actress who rocked the pillars of heaven in director Sacha Polak’s DIRTY GOD, Silver haze is an emotional rollercoaster. A trip into the depths of a pained soul the film carries us along as Knight shows us the pain and suffering caused by a painful event almost two decades earlier. We are carried along as we follow one woman tries to find  redemption and peace. Knight is again working at the highest levels of her profession and if the gods should deem it she should be in the mix for yearend gold.

As much as I am willing to follow Knight anywhere, I kind of wish the script was a little more surprising. While there is nothing wrong with what happens, there was a point somewhere along the way things seemed to be falling onto paths we’ve seen before. I felt a little too much that I knew how some of this was going to play out.  I fully blame Knight and the rest of the cast being too good for the material. Everyone on screen push their characters right off it and into the realm of real people and watching them go through a movie plot makes it a little hard to accept.

On the other hand they are all so good that by the time we get to the final blackout there are some tears shed.

Recommended for the excellent cast and made a must by it’s star Vicky Knight

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